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Ensuring Maximum Production and Minimum Operating Costs

Independent Production Engineering and Optimization Services for Operators 


No two wells are the same and the decisions that are made in how they are produced and operated should not be either. Uninformed choices in this regard can cost you time, money, and production. At H&H Well Services, LLC we consider the entire production system in our evaluations and recommendations.

No matter your well type or condition, we are here to insure your production success.

Our suite of Production Engineering Services include:

  • Artificial Lift- Selection, Design, Evaluation and Optimization, and Conversion
  • Production Equipment- Selection, Design, Evaluation and Optimization, and Conversion
  • Rod Lift- Bottom Hole Assembly and Rod String Design
  • Supervision Services
  • Field Operation Services
  • Well Evaluations for Sales or Acquisitions

Efficient Operations Require Actionable Data and Experienced Analysis

Diagnostic Testing and Analysis

H&H Well Services, LLC is dedicated to delivering unsurpassed value in computerized diagnostic well testing services for your oil and gas wells. Our promise is to always deliver safe, cost effective, consistent, and accurate testing services with complete analysis and actionable recommendations.

Our comprehensive suite of testing services include:

  • Evaluation, Troubleshooting, and Issue Determination for all Artificial Lift Types
    • Rod Lift
      • All Type Pumping Units
      • All Type Prime Mover
    • Gas Lift
    • ESP
    • Plunger Lift
    • PCP
    • Jet Pump
  • Flowing Well
  • Pressure Transient Testing
  • Texas Railroad Commission H-5 & H-15 Testing

Selecting the Proper Artificial Lift Method is Imperative to Your Success

Rod Lift- Bottom Hole Assembly & Rod String Design

Today profitability depends on efficient operations with limited downtime and workovers. H&H Well Services, LLC will help your operation remain profitable and producing with downhole designs that address your well’s unique production issues.

Designs provided by a product vendor are worth exactly what you pay for them. They are generic designs at best, based on a computer simulation with no real data, and at worst are based on supplies at hand. Don’t fall into the trap of “Free Stuff”.

Let H&H Well Services, LLC provide an optimized design for your next rod lift installation.

No matter your well type or condition, we are here to insure your production success.

  • Horizontal Lateral
  • Deviated
  • Vertical
  • Gassy
  • Stripper Well
  • Particulates
  • Paraffin

The Best Equipment Will Not Improve Poor Field Operations


To complement our Production Engineering Services, H&H Well Services, LLC offers two products to help you reach your operational goals.

Vor-Tex Downhole Gas Separator

  • The HHWS Vor-Tex downhole gas separator was developed to solve the common problem of gas interference. Gas interference reduces production and destroys pumps, rods, and tubing.

Safety Pilot Switch (SPS)

  • Continue to use your production safety control system when you convert to rod lift or other artificial lift.
  • The HHWS Safety Pilot Switch provides a switch closure (dry contact) upon Safety Pilot pressure loss to shutdown pumping units, jet-pumps, ESPs, PCPs, or other equipment.

The Best Equipment Will Not Improve Poor Field Operations